Keep It Sweet’r, Keep it brown’r

Sweet’r Brown

Sweet’r Brown provides the rich self indulging taste of brown sugar blended to have a negligible effect on blood sugar and may not influence insulin. It is made of all natural ingredients including coconut nectar, which contains all essential amino acids and is a rich source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Cooks, bakes, and caramelizes just like regular brown sugar!

All natural ingredients, essential amino acids, and a rich source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Sweet’r Brown is gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian. Low glycemic foods digest at a slower pace, stay in the digestive system longer to help satisfy hunger, and deliver sustained energy for those looking for superior benefits in their food.

Sweet’r Brown is considered a pre-biotic, meaning it supports a healthy digestive system.

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Spoil Yourself

Sweet’n It Up

Sweet’r Brown is a healthy alternative to synthetic and chemically altered sweeteners, that has only a moderate effect on blood glucose levels with no negative side effects or aftertaste. No blood sugar spikes, no bloating, no intestinal gas, no headaches, no diarrhea, or bitter chemical aftertaste.

Sweet’r Brown is low glycemic and may help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, boost immunity, and promote beneficial flora, satisfy hunger, and deliver sustained energy!

Baking/cooking substitution ratio:

Replace 1 cup brown sugar with 3/4 cup Sweet’r Brown or to taste.