Fuel Your body with something more than just food, Fuel it with Purpose!

Don’t Blink Foods is all about prepared meals planned specifically for muscle build and objectives. Proteins, carbohydrates and fats are different and the body knows it. If you are a sprinter, your meal plan wouldn’t include what a linebacker would eat. If you are a High-altitude athlete like a mountain climber, you wouldn’t eat what a Deep Sea Diver would eat. Our body can adjust to every circumstance as long as our fuel allows us to…Don’t Blink foods is all about delivering meals with taste, convenience and purpose. Find the app, order your meals, pick them up at your workout facility or from your coach. Made with LifeXtend Unlimited’s HomeBlend Ingredients like Bake (Low Glycemic Sweetener), Brew (Low Glycemic Sweetner and half caloried) Brown (Brown Sweetener amino based), WheatR (High Protein, whole grain, twice the fiber) and ButterBlend (MTC based).

Don't Blink Sports Prepared Foods Line

Your Gut

Every Athlete eats according to their sport because ultimately, Food is the Prescription for their Job!

Right Diet
Right Mind
Best Performance

Our Philosophy

Nourishing the body for optimal Athletic Performance in order to achieve peak performance,  athletes must fuel their bodies with the right nutrients to boost immune function, develop muscle, enhance focus and improve overall health.  This means providing the gut with all the necessary elements to achieve these goals

Don’t Blink Sports Foods were created to help an NFL client recover from an injury, with LifeXtend Sports providing snacks and drinks, and Don’t Blink Foods aiding in his recovery. He was able to return to football for 6 more years in his full position without more surgery and now works as a college football coach.

Don’t Blink Sports Foods offers a menu, supplements, and prepared food line tailored for genetics, athletic profile, athletic position, lifestyle, and convenience. It provides all the necessary nutrition to support your sport, body type, exercise regimen, workout routine, and lifestyle.

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Menus crafted with specific intentions…


To aid in enhancing strength and energy…




 Endurance and Speed

Improve your overall health and well-being.

Order your food for your lifestyle:




or by Body Type:






Or by Position:

Slow Oxidative

Fast Oxidative



Keto Breakfast for Endomorph Males:

  •  Fiesta Omelet:  2 eggs with green peppers, onions and fresh salad
  • 1/2 C of fresh Blackberries, Strawberries, Blueberries and Raspberries

Mid-morning Snack:

a LifeXtend Sports Product

Mix NDure Drink Packet with water and 2 LifeXtend Protein Bars in your favorite flavors.

Visit the LifeXtend Unlimited Website.

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  • Navigate to the menu and select your preferred foods.  We will calculate your daily calorie intake, portion sizes, snacks, supplements and beverages!
  • Place your weekly food order.  It will be freshly prepared and delivered to your school, club or sports facility.


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Order from the Website...

…for food and supplements, choose from Weekly or Daily options.  Products feature HomeBlend Gourment Ingredients for sustained energy and diabetic friendly/Low Glycemic.  “LifeXtend Sports” line offers Drinks, Snacks, Protein Bars and Breads with outstanding taste and flavor!

Packaged in the right proportions…

Prepared Fresh

And Delivered Locally

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