It began as a simple question from one friend to another:
“What if we could develop natural and healthy food ingredient alternatives that make no compromise when it comes to taste?”

Well, we can – and we have – developed natural and healthy food ingredient alternatives that still taste delicious.

One of us is a biochemist/ Gastrointestinal Health Therapist and one of us is a former NFL professional athlete (American football). Both of us love good food and food that is good for you.

At LifeXtend Unlimited, we know and understand the importance of fueling your body properly to get maximum benefits from the food you eat.
With increasing health problems arising from added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and many processed foods, overeating, obesity, and diabetes have become a world wide epidemic.

What's Our Vision?

“To provide food and beverage ingredients that are 100% natural, provide health benefits, affordable, and taste good. LifeXtend Unlimited strives to be less expensive but more effective.”

What's Our Mission?

“For you to drink your favorite beverages and enjoy the foods you love without ever having to question the ingredients they are made of. Healthy food, healthy family, healthy life.”

The possibilities are Unlimited.