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Sweet’r It

This all natural, low-glycemic, diabetic friendly sugar alternative may help in lowering cholesterol and is dry food specific. Meaning, Sweet’r Bake is the perfect sugar alternative for baking and cooking. (Cookies, cakes, pies etc.) Free of chemical aftertaste and odors. The sweet taste can enhance flavors and it continuously tastes sweet.

Sugar plays more than just the role of a sweetener – it provides the bulking, texture, and browning properties. Sweet’r Bake maintains these properties and more. Blended to have a negligible effect on blood sugar levels, it will not influence insulin levels – no more blood sugar spikes!

Sweet’r Bake helps in avoiding the annoying roller coaster ride of blood sugar highs and lows.

Sweet’r Bake provides your body with a sustained supply of energy. Stabilizing blood sugar levels can help anyone better control their hunger and manage their weight. A low glycemic diet can reduce disturbing night time blood sugar lows by up to 75% and reduce morning highs by 28%.

Sweet’r Bake should be consumed with other dietary carbohydrates (about 2 grams of carbohydrates for each serving size of 1 tsp).

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Sweet, Natural,
and Delicious

Sweet’r Bake is gluten free, vegetarian, kosher, synergistic blend of natural sugars, prebiotic fiber, and phytonutritional compounds blended to inhibit absorption of sugar and carbohydrates. It has also been developed to promote and enhance a healthy digestive system by enhancing beneficial microbial bacteria in the digestive system.

Sweet’r Bake helps inhibit absorption of other dietary carbohydrates and helps lower the glycemic index of food products. Sweet’r Bake offers a safe and enjoyable alternative to individuals with conditions of insulin resistance and diabetes.

Baking/cooking substitution ratio:

Replace 1 cup table sugar with 1 cup Sweet’r Bake or to taste. Some recipes may need slight adjustments. Adjustments may include reduced liquid ingredients, reduced baking time, and temperatures (about 25%).