What makes our products so different?

LifeXtend didn’t just want a bar that gave you calories from starch or sugars,we didn’t just want a protein that is suppose to build or repair,we wanted to give the athlete or person on the go something that would not only give them satisfaction for longer periods of time but something that would feed the gut.

Ingredients that would give a higher return to the body than just calories.

We wanted something a little more functional, long lasting and beneficial from the brain to the nails on your toes.

It’s not just about the moment for LifeXtend, it’s about the whole journey!

How could we make a “food” that would not only fulfill a moment that you require energy but something that would maintain and build a better machine, a better mind, more stable immunity, younger reactions and longer life?

The Gut Biome is the “Second Brain” of the human body and what you eat can influence the “gut-brain” axis.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of reactions that happen within the gut when it is breaking down food. Building a healthier gut is building a healthier body and that’s the difference between LifeXtend and all the other Bars and Cookies out there.

We look at how each component and ingredient influences the gut, not just in the moment but the long term journey to a better body.


Pro-nana Bread

Our Quick breads are delicious with high protein, High fiber and low glycemic ingredients. Phytonutrient rich, with the Prebiotic/Probiotic combination LifeXtend is known for. These breads are perfect with our Power drink in the morning for breakfast!

Health Bars

Filled with dried fruit, nuts and a blend of our gourment low glycemic sweeteners, these health bars are to die for.

We can’t keep them on a plate!

Our protein is a blend of BCAA in an all natural form and they taste delicious. they are made with LifeXtend Gourmet Ingredients.

Protein Bars

These are like the Health Bars without all the sweet fillers. just our signature Protein Blend with our LifeXtend Gourmet sweeteners that are natural and low glycemic.


These are those quick energy snacks that you can just throw in your mouth when you need something fast, satisfying and fulfilling. these Grazers have been used by Marathon runners in various levels with great success. They are great to put in your runners pouch and just pop in your mouth. Inside every grazer is a NRG gel with an added Hydroxtend center.