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NRG, Ndure, HydroXtend, DownTime Agar Gummy's

On the go NRG, Ndure, HydroXtend drinks in Agar Gummy form.  We’ve had marathon runners put this in their runner’s pouches to help them with energy, endurance and hydration through-out their events.  High School and College Athletes use them on the side lines and training rooms to get them through their event or workouts.  Great for injury recovery.  We also have a DownTime version to help with Stress management as well.

Posca Drink Mixes​

Posca is an ancient form of Energy Drink made from wine, vinegar and salt given to Roman Soldiers…but we wanted something that was a little more palatable but still give energy, healthy for the gut and filled with a lot of taste! And, we made it in a pouch form, so you can take it anywhere!